Denise Becker (Life Below Zero) Bio, Age, Daughter, Andy, Net Worth

Denise Becker Biography

Denise Becker is an American television personality who is best known as a cast member on National Geographic’s Life Below Zero.

The series follows people living in Alaska as talk about their daily struggles and explain the different techniques they use to survive in a sub-zero-degree environment.


Becker has not revealed her exact age. She was born in Canada and moved to Florida when she was young.


Becker has a daughter from a previous relationship, who lives in Florida. Her name is not known, but she is said to be supportive of her mother’s lifestyle.

Denise Becker's daughter
Denise Becker’s daughter

What Happened To Denise Becker on Life Below Zero

Becker has been appearing on Life Below Zero since 2017, when she joined Andy Bassich as his partner on the show. She quickly became a fan favorite for her positive attitude, charming personality, and impressive survival skills. She has been featured in many episodes that showcased her adventures and challenges in the Alaskan wilderness.

However, Denise was absent from the show for most of 2021, along with Andy Bassich. The reason for their absence was that Andy suffered a hip injury that required surgery and rehabilitation. He could not get the treatment he needed in Alaska, so he had to travel to Florida for medical care. Denise accompanied him as his nurse and caregiver.


The couple returned to the show later in 2021, with Andy still recovering from his injury. They resumed their life in Eagle, Alaska, but faced new difficulties due to Andy’s limited mobility and pain. They had to rely more on each other and their dogs to survive the winter. They also had to deal with the emotional and psychological impact of Andy’s injury and recovery.

How Denise Becker Met Andy Bassich

Becker was born in Canada and moved to Florida when she was young. She worked as a trauma nurse for many years, helping people in critical situations. However, she always had a passion for nature and a desire for a simpler life. In 2016, she decided to take a trip to Alaska with a children’s scout group, hoping to experience the beauty and wilderness of the state.

That’s when she met Andy Bassich, a veteran cast member of Life Below Zero and a survival expert who lives in Eagle, Alaska with his 37 sled dogs. Andy was born in Washington D.C. and moved to Alaska in 1980. He runs a dog mushing school and a survival school, teaching people how to live off the grid and cope with the harsh conditions of the Alaskan winter.

The two hit it off right away and felt a strong connection. Denise was impressed by Andy’s skills and knowledge, while Andy was drawn to Denise’s adventurous spirit and curiosity. They decided to give their relationship a chance and Denise moved to Alaska with Andy, leaving behind her life in Florida.

Denise Becker’s Medal

One of the most memorable moments of Becker’s journey on Life Below Zero was when she received a medal from the U.S. Army for her service as a nurse during the Vietnam War. The medal was presented to her by a veteran who was grateful for her care and compassion. The medal was a surprise for Denise, who did not expect to be recognized for her past work.

The medal was a symbol of Becker’s courage, dedication, and humanity. It was also a reminder of her life before moving to Alaska, and how much she has changed and grown since then. It was a touching and emotional moment that moved many viewers and fans.

Denise Becker’s Net Worth

Becker’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She earns money from appearing on Life Below Zero, as well as from working as a nurse and a survival instructor.