Moriah Plath Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Dating, Music, Tattoo, Net Worth

Moriah Plath Biography

The American native, Mariah Plath is a model, musician as well as a television personality. She is best known for being featured as one of the members of the television show titled Welcome to Plathville which mainly features her family. Moreover, she is a lead singer in her Family’s band. In 2018, she was featured in the short film titled YouShould Be There.

Moriah Plath Age

Plath is 20 years old as of 2022. She was born on August 28th, 2002 in the United States. Her parents named her Mariah Jasper Plath.

Moriah Plath Height

Moriah is a stunningly beautiful person. She measures an average height and has a nice body structure. However, her exact weight, height, and other body measurements are currently under review and will be updated as soon as it has been made publicly available.

Moriah Plath Family

Moriah is the loving daughter of Kimberly Doherty, her mother, and Barry Robert Plath, her father. Her mother works as a naturopathic doctor while her father is a transportation planner. In addition, she has nine siblings.

However, in 2008, she lost her brother called Joshua. She is nonetheless close to her brother called Ethan who is married to Olivia. Her siblings are Hosanna (sister), Micah (brother, Isaac (brother), Amber (sister), Cassia (sister), Lydia (sister), and Mercy (sister).

Moriah Plath Photo
Moriah Plath Photo

Moriah Plath Boyfriend, Max, and Married

Moriah is currently in a relationship with Max Kallschmidt. The duo met in 2019 and have been dating since then. Although the duo has been posting photos together on their social media accounts, rumors have it that they are no longer together. According to their fans, the two have not posted anything for a while which rose an alarm.

Moreover, Plath did not wish Max his 21st birthday. In Mid January 2022, she released a single track titled Missed Myself. From the lyrics, it is suggestive that the two are definitely no longer together. However, there is no official confirmation of the two splittings.

Moriah Plath Announcement

After being a social media sensation, Plath had gone to Tampa for the winter. However, while there, she went on to visit downtown Tampa’s Winter Village where she posted how much fun she was having while there, although some of the fans were glued to the cuteness of her dressing, others were eager to notice that her then-boyfriend Max was nowhere to be seen. Many commented on his whereabouts which prompted Moriah to remove the uploaded photos.

What is Moriah Plath Doing Now?

Plath is an emerging digital star having over 377k followers on her Instagram page. She is also the owner of a YouTube channel that was created in January 2021 and has 5k subscribers. Despite this, Plath is also a musician and is the lead singer in her family’s band named The Plath Family Band. Currently, she is featured on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville which is a family-based television show that features the Plath family members.

Moriah Plath Tattoo

The message of the tattoo was very personal for Moriah, as it featured the word, “Black Heart.” The wrist tattoo also has red scars in the middle, and Moriah previously said she wanted to show her wild side with it. She has often stated that she had a black heart on the show because she was different from her family. Recently, she posted a photo on her Instagram account showcasing her latest ink which is a rose stretching from her thigh to her butt.

Moriah Plath Music

Her sung songs include: How Great Thou Art, I Want Us To Be Together in Heaven, The Family Bible/ Rock of Ages, Jesus Loves Me, Love Lifted Me, Living in His Favor, The Unseen Hand of God, Give the World a Smile among others.

Where does Moriah Plath Live?

Moriah, says that she moved to Tampa, Florida to start a new life. She is hence currently residing in Tampa, Florida, United States.

Moriah Plath Net Worth

Over the years, Plath has made a great fortune from her career. She has an estimated net worth of $500k.

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