Kim Bodnia Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, The Witcher, Net Worth

Kim Bodnia Biography and Wikipedia

A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, Kim Bodnia is a Danish actor, writer, and director. He is best known for playing the role of police detective Martin Rohde in the Scandinavian crime drama series The Bridge.

Moreover, he gained international fame for playing the leading role of drug leader “Frank” in Nicolas Winding Refn’s 1996 directional debut Pusher. He is currently known for portraying the role of Konstantin in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s 2018 BBC America spy thriller TV series Killing Eve.

Kim Bodnia Born, Age and Birthday

Bodnia is 56 years old as of 2021. He was born on April 12th, 1965 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kim Bodnia Height

Bodnia measures a standing height of 5 feet 10 inches tall which is equivalent to 1.78 meters tall.

Kim Bodnia Young

He recently said that while growing up, he was not particularly a good student as a child, describing himself as a “clown” who was reluctant to study. However, he says that his main interest was in athletics, particularly 100 meters and the long jump, in which he was the Zealand youth champion for several years. Bodnia aspired to become a football goalkeeper, but a foot injury prevented him from pursuing this career.

Kim Bodnia Photo
Kim Bodnia Photo

Kim Bodnia Family, Parents, and Siblings

Bodnia maintains a low profile about his personal life. As such, he has not disclosed any information concerning his parents, siblings, and other relatives. This information will soon be updated.

Kim Bodnia Wife

The Danish actor has been married twice. He was first married to actress Lotte Andersen, with whom he has a son. Currently, he is married to actress Rikke Louise Andersson, with whom he has two sons and a daughter.

Kim Bodnia Killing Eve

Bodnia played the role of Konstantin Vasiliev who is Villanelle’s handler in the HBO series Killing Eve. Konstantin Vasiliev born Konstantin Petrovich Vasiliev is Villanelle’s handler for The Twelve. He is a former member of Russian Intelligence and an employee of the Twelve who worked as Villanelle’s handler. It is currently unknown what his true agenda is. He is seen mostly working with either MI6 or the Twelve whenever it suits him, such as betraying Villanelle so he could reunite with his family.

Kim Bodnia Witcher and Vesemir

Bodnia portrays the role of Vesemir who is the oldest living witcher and Geralt’s mentor and father figure. He appears in its second season. Vesemir was born in 1095 and was a witcher of the School of the Wolf, and Geralt of Rivia’s mentor. He was born into the role of a servant, like his father Bevin, and carried out duties on an Aedirnian estate to a noble family, the Wencks.

He dreamed of fantasies and being rich beyond his wildest imagination. He also hung with a fellow servant on the estate, Illyana, who had a crush on. Vesemir soon made his way to Kaer Morhen and was taken in and trained alongside the other boys there, like Luka and Sven. However, he soon learned most didn’t choose to go there like he had, but had been given to the school as the result of being a Law of Surprise child, like Tomas.

Kim Bodnia The Bridge

Bodnia played the Danish detective Martin Rohde in the first two series of the Nordic noir crime television program The Bridge (2011–present).

Kim Bodnia Net Worth

Kim has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He has acquired a majority of his earnings from his career as an actor.

Kim Bodnia Movies and TV Shows

  • 1989 En Afgrund Af Frihed
  • 1993 Bulldozer
  • 1994 Nattevagten
  • 1996 Pusher
  • 1997 Den Sidste Viking
  • 1999 Bleeder
  • 1999 In China They Eat Dogs
  • 2001 Øyenstikker
  • 2002 Old Men in New Cars: In China They Eat Dogs II
  • 2004 Monstertorsdag
  • 2002 Himmelfall
  • 2004 Den Gode Strømer
  • 2004 Inkasso
  • 2005 Opbrud
  • 2006 The Journals of Knud Rasmussen
  • 2007 Ekko
  • 2008 Nefarious
  • 2008 Frygtelig Lykkelig
  • 2010 Tomme Tønner
  • 2010 Min Bedste Fjende
  • 2008 Kandidaten
  • 2009 Vølvens Forbandelse
  • 2009 Julefrokosten
  • 2010 Caroline: Den Sidste Rejse
  • 2010 Sandheden Om Mænd
  • 2011-2013 The Bridge (Broen|Bron)
  • 2010 Hævnen
  • 2012 Mamma er en superhelt
  • 2011 Tomme Tønner 2 – Det Brune Gullet
  • 2011 Delhi Belly (Indian film)
  • 2012 Caroline: Den sidste rejse
  • 2013 The Stranger Within
  • 2013 A Very Unsettled Summer
  • 2012 Love Is All You Need
  • 2012 Rendezvous in Kiruna
  • 2013 All for Two
  • 2013 Delhi Belly
  • 2014 Serena
  • 2014 The Veil of Twilight
  • 2013 The Shooter
  • 2014 Rosewater
  • 2015 August
  • 2015 Far
  • 2016 Hostages
  • 2016 Krigarnas ö
  • 2017 Light Thereafter
  • 2018 The Violin Player
  • 2018–present Killing Eve
  • 2019 One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk
  • 2020 The Letter for the King
  • 2021 The Witcher

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