Isaiah Harmison (Love Island) Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Job, Disease, Insta

Isaiah Harmison Biography

A resident of Houston, Texas, Isaiah Harmison is a gym instructor who is originally from Wisconsin. He is an Islander on season 3 of Love Island USA.

Harmison holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion & Wellness,

Isaiah Harmison Age

Harmison is 25 years old as of 2021. His exact date of age is not yet known.

Isaiah Harmison Ethnicity

At the moment, it is not clear which ethnicity Isaiah belongs to.

Isaiah Harmison Family

Although Isaiah has not yet talked about his family on the show, it is evident he is very close to his family going by the posts on his Instagram page. Isaiah frequently posts about them especially his mother and two brothers.

Isaiah Harmison Photo
Isaiah Harmison Photo

Isaiah Harmison Job

Harmison works as a Gym Instructor. According to his website; he always had a passion for health, wellness, and fitness and it is his passion to help others reach their wellness goals while having fun.

Isaiah, however used to hate gym while in high school but that changed after he joined college. While answerin the question on why working out went from him hating it to him not being able to go a day without it, he said;

“In order to answer this question, you first need to understand what two things drive everything we do in life. Those two things are PAIN and PLEASURE.

“Every action we take is either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. But how people act to certain situations is clearly not the same for everyone. This is because pain and pleasure is simply linked to the meaning we put to things,” Isaiah continued.

“For example, many people link tremendous amounts of pain to going to the gym because they think that they will embarrass themselves, they will be stared at, exercise is just too hard, it takes up too much time, etc. Whereas I link a tremendous amount of pleasure to going to the gym because I know if I put in the work I will look the way I want and feel the way I want.”

Isaiah Harmison Cushing’s Disease

Harmison shared in a post that he struggled with Cushing’s Disease seven years ago. He went on to thank his doctor, Dr. Kashmiri for providing care to him and his family. He wrote;

“The impact that Dr. Kashmiri had on my life can’t even be put into words. I am forever grateful for the care he provided to my family and I through that hard time. Because of him I live a normal and healthy life. Because of him I was able to find my passion for health, wellness, and fitness, and am now able to use my passion to help others.”

Isaiah Harmison Love Island

Harmison is an Islander on Love Island USA, season 3. After being in a toxic relationship for five years, he is looking for someone who will be his perfect match. So far, he has his eyes on Aimee and Shannon.

We will continue updating Isaiah’s progress on the show. Other Islanders on the show include;

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