Derek Xiao ( Big Brother) Bio, Age, Family, College, Girlfriend, Job, Insta

Derek Xiao Biography

A native of Baltimore, Derek Xiao is an American Start-Up Founder who became widely known as a contestant on season 23 of Big Brother.

Derek Xiao Age

Xiao is 24 years old as of 2021. He currently resides in New York City.

Derek Xiao College and Highschool

Xiao attended the University of Maryland where he graduated from. There is no information on the high school he attended.

Derek Xiao Family

Xiao is yet to provide any information about his family; parents or siblings. We will update this information as soon as it is available.

Derek Xiao Girlfriend

Xiao has managed to keep romantic life under the wraps. We therefore cannot confirm whether this Big Brother contestant is dating or is single.

Derek Xiao Photo
Derek Xiao Photo

Derek Xiao Job

Xiao is a Start-Up Founder. His start-up company is focused on meal kits. There is o much information about his startup at the moment. We will continue updating as we get more details.

Derek Xiao Big Brother

Xiao is a contestant on season 23 of Big brother which has a total of 15 contestants. He describes himself as Funny, logical, and thoughtful.

Some of Derek’s favorite activities include chess and surfing. He spent a month in Hawaii, where he would surf every morning and then play chess on the beach. He also loves cooking and trying new recipes.

When it comes to the Big Brother show, his favorite Houseguest duos are Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. He explained that looked like they were having a great time in the house, while also playing the game extremely well.

Derek’s most exciting thing about living inside the Big Brother house is meeting interesting people from across the country.

His strategy for winning the game is building relationships with everyone in the house and slowly turn friendships into alliances. After that, he plans to layer in unassailable logical reasoning to influence peoples’ decisions.

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